What is the meaning of “take for granted” in spanish?

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I want to know , in spanish, what are the correct words to say exactly, take for granted, thank u.

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  • Both “tomar por hecho” and “dar por hecho” can be heard as a way to express “take for granted.” Let’s have a look –

    The spanish verb “tomar” means to take. The word “por” means “for” in this phrase and “hecho” means “done” in this context. Strung together then, they literally mean “to take for done.” This is pretty close to the english equivalent “to take for granted.”

    On the other hand, the spanish verb “dar” means to give. This forms a literal “to give for done.” Loosely restated in english, this sorta means “it’s given that it’s done.”

    Note the subtle difference. With the use of tomar, it feels more personal whereas “it is given” invokes the idea of a wider application. For example, to say “it’s given (taken for granted) that our society values education” would fall to the use of dar and be stated “Es dado por hecho que nuestra sociedad vale la educatíon.”

    Other wide applications will also call for the use of dar. Things like “It’s taken for granted that doctors are intelligent” or “The value of gold is taken for granted” etc.

    On a more personal note, we turn to tomar. Things like “you take me for granted” – “tu me tomas por hecho” or “I took it for granted that you were honest” – “yo lo tomé por hecho que eres honesto.”

    Note that you will often hear the past participle used when talking about this. The english equivalent of “taken for granted.” The spanish words for that are “tomado” (taken) and “dado” (given).

    Well, there ya go. That’s my take on it and I’ve been traveling Latin America for a whole bunch of years while becoming fluent in my spanish abilities.


  • Taken For Granted In Spanish

  • Take For Granted In Spanish

  • You do need some context here. Dar por hecho would apply if you were talking about an event or something that gets done, but you wouldn’t use it in the context of taking SOMEONE for granted. Capixaba ^ gave you some good alternatives, but put it in a sentence so we get the context.

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    What is the meaning of “take for granted” in spanish?

    I want to know , in spanish, what are the correct words to say exactly, take for granted, thank u.

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    hi! i am a native spanish speaker. I am from Costa Rica. I have read all the answers that people gave you… and most of them are not right in spanish… it’s neither “ponela” nor puchila nor bracelet nor peluca… forget those answers.. pucela is a city in spain. also, it means “virgin”… but it’s not used today. today we say “virgen” please, excuse my bad english, but you can be sure that i’m giving you a correct answer. and, i want to answer what h♥ said, there are not two spanish languages, there are just onespanish and a lot of dialects. (it’s the same in english)… spanish in spain and latinamerica it’s the same one, but, we use variations… just a world could be common in spain and not used in costa rica, but we understand what we are talking about.

  • Dar por/como hecho – To take for granted

  • “tomar por hecho” is how you would say it. It literally means “to take in for done,” but it holds roughly the same meaning. Hope this helped!

  • Pucela is the nickname of Valladolid which is a city in the northern Spain.

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