What is the molecular shape?

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What is the molecular shape or structure of F3S-SF? (the dash represents a single bond between the two sulfur atoms.)

Is it…


trigonal bipyramid





square pyramidal

trigonal planar

I know that the molecular shape is more than one. but I don’t know which. I have tried trigonal bipyramidal and seesaw

trigonal bipyramidal and square pyramidal

square pyramidal and trigonal bipyramidal

Any help would be appreciated. Even just helping me figure out the lewis structure for this would be awesome.

Please and thanks!

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4 Answers

  • F3S – S – F


    If indeed there are three F atoms and a S attached to central S atom, and it is neutral, then there must be 40 valence electrons to account for. If that is the case, then the bonding about the central S atom (#1) is sp3 and the geometry is tetrahedral. With one more fluorine atom (#3) attached to the second S atom (#2) then it will be linear, with three electron pairs on sulfur #2, based on trigonal bipyramidal electron pair geometry.

  • Your premise is incorrect. The molecular shape is more than one only if the shape cited is for a one unit molecule. Here, you have a two-unit molecule, due to the S-S bond and the fluorides bonding with each S. Thus the trigonal bipyramid is a shape for a two-unit molecule, not a combination with a one-unit shape, and is probably the shape you want. Each S can form sp3 orbitals, even if some of them only contain unbonded electron pairs (as would be the case for the right-handed S.

  • F3s-sf Molecular Structure

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    molecular structure is the way the molecule is assembled from its constituent atoms,molecular shape is the actual shape it has which arises from its structure along with its melting nd boiling point

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