What is the most common skin color in Greece?

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White, Olive, Tanned ?

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  • The skin color of the Greeks is the same like the rest of southern Europeans and it is part of the Mediterranean group (together with Italy, Spain and southern France)

    That means that the skin color varies from blond, pale white till southern dark {not black of course or Arabic}

    Of course the skin tone depends on how much you exposure your skin under the sun! Anyone from every country in Europe will get a darker skin if he expose under the sun.

    (During winter only Solarium can preserve the suntan even in Greece)

    By the way I have never seen anyone being Olive color!!! (Olive color is green/yellow!!! Please spear us!!!)

    Check the links by Zoi and below to see some Greek faces just to demonstrate how Greeks look like since obviously some users have never actually seen a Greek!!!!






    No desribe me the color you see!

  • This Site Might Help You.


    What is the most common skin color in Greece?

    White, Olive, Tanned ?

  • Greek Skin Tone

  • I am Greek, and the most common skin tone in Greece is Olive. It can be a light/pale olive, a yellowy olive (me) or a tanned dark olive. It all varies I suppose, this is just a Greek opinion

  • The skin of the people in Greece is not so different from other white people. Of course the sun makes their skin tanned. To say they are olive skinned is to “overdoing ” it a little.

  • White but not pale, simillar to other Southern Europeans (Italian and Spanish) and unlike the Nordics

  • I have a Greek friend and he always says that almost everyone is Olive in color and he is too

  • olive skin mostly,we do have some whiteys though~

  • Olive -friend lives there and this is his response

  • Sunburnt. At least that’s the case all during the summer.

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