What is the MOST probable reason child abuse is underreported?

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a. variation in professionals noticing abuse

b. an increase in child neglect

c. increased fear of retaliation from the legal system

d. a decrease in the number of small children in households

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  • NONE of those answers is even a probable reason, much less the most probable. The MOST common reason for under-reporting child abuse is that the VICTIM is afraid of the abuser.

    All of the answers you supply may relate to CHANGES in reporting, but have NOTHING to do with why there is under-reporting.

  • If you’re taking an exam to become a professional in social work, and your teacher says the answer is “A”, then leave that class of sick, twisted indoctrination immediately.

    The truth is, it isn’t any of those answers. And any teacher or professor who asks what the “most probable answer” is, isn’t really teaching you anything anyway. Sorry, I can’t give you the correct answer, you need to learn this for yourself…actually learn it. Once you do, the answer will be so incredibly, painfully obvious, that you can actually do something about it, because you’ll understand it that much better.

  • None of those.

    If you look at the answers, they don’t even make sense with the question. The answers take the form of “why is less child abuse reported now than last year?” But the question is not asking about a trend, it’s asking for a current status.

  • None of those. It’s underreported because kids are afraid of being abused and threatened if they report it, they will be killed.

  • False assumption. It’s over-reported.

  • resistance & retaliation from the “justice” “system”




    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/0… . states where its-still-really- easy-for-cops-to-take- and keep innocent-peoples-cash and other assets


    “Civil asset forfeiture laws allow authorities to seize cash and property from people they suspect of a crime.


    “In 2011, Nebraska cops seized over $60,000 from an Air Force veteran after saying they smelled marijuana in his car.


    “No drugs were found, and no charges were ever filed,


    but the veteran’s money was never returned.”


    “In most states, and under federal law, authorities may get to keep the proceeds,

  • It is not, and often, it is made up fabrication which destroys the lives of those who were actually trying to help a vicious demon of satan.

  • D

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