What Is The Name Of This Chemical Compound CH3C(CH3)2CH3?

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please tell me the names of these






Also , Please tell me, What Is The Structural Formula Of This Chemical Compound >>> 1,2-dibromopropan-2-ol?

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  • 1) 2,2 dimethylpropane

    2) 2-pentene

    3) 3-bromobutanol (I’m about 85% sure of this one, because I’m pretty sure in numbering that the -OH will take precedence over the Br)

    4) 1,3 butan diol (this one the structure is right, I just can’t remember how much of the butane you leave there before the diol)


    I’ll space it out…


  • [1] 2,2-dimethylpropane (though the 2,2 is redundant because the methyl groups couldn’t be anywhere else)

    [2] pent-2-ene

    [3](Is there one too many ‘O’s at the right … or is it a peroxide?) otherwise it’s 3-bromobutan-1-ol

    (Or is there an extra ‘H’) in which case it’s 3-bromobutanoic acid.

    [4] butane-1,3-diol.

    CH2BrC(OH)BrCH3 (which would be optically active)

  • 1)CH3C(CH3)2CH3 – 2,2 dimethyl propane or isopentane

    2))CH3CH=CHCH2CH3 – pent-2-ene or 2-pentene

    3)CH3CHBrCH2CHOOH – 2-bromo-butanoic acid or 2-bromo-butyric acid

    4)CH2(OH)CH2CH(OH)CH3 – 1,3-dihydroxi-butane or butane-1,3-diol

    and 1,2-dibromopropan-2-ol has the following structural formula:

    CH2Br-CBr(OH)- CH3

  • Just looked at the answers and M&M has definitely got it right!

    Source(s): MChem

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