What is the opposite of a Unicorn as mythical creatures go. Say Vampire is to Werewolf as BLANK is to Unicorn?

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I need to know what the opposite is so i can write a book. So far i have a vampire and a werewolf as opposites. Like cold and hot. Then i have a dragon and a mermaid. Like fire and water. But what does a unicorn symbolize? And what would be its opposite??

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  • A demon maybe?

    Like Good v. Evil.

  • In my book, I use Kelpies, which are Fay, but are horses most of the time. They can shapeshift, though they mainly do so to trap and eat humans. They can be captured by stealing the bridle of a Kelpie. They alone are as strong as 20 horses and have varying colors of fur, from gold to sea-green. Feel free to look them up!

    I’ve always thought, that in an extra-species opposite, it would have to be dragons, because they’re selfish, fierce, greedy, and aggressive (generally,) while unicorns aren’t. You can also create your own by reversing the traits of a unicorn.

  • I see werewolves and vampires as being bothe humans, who were turned inhuman by bites, and now feed on other humans. So they are similar. I would say that a Pegasus would fit with a unicorn, seeing as how they are bothe horses with a little something extra. But I am fond of the Gryffin idea.

  • How are vampires and werewolves opposites?

    Maybe the horsicorn? It’s a unicorn with the head of a horse.

  • Unicorns symbolize healing. Try something with poison.

  • Dragons! Because they’re both widely used in mythology & their traits are opposite.

  • My guess would be Unicorn is to Gryphon

  • Dragons, usually

  • unicorn is to Pegasus

  • NARWHAL sry that’s not an answer i just really love narwhals

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