What is the other word for a baby mobile?

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I’m sure there is another, maybe more proper term, used to describe this device that hangs above a baby’s crib.

I’m sure there is another word for this device that hangs over a baby’s crib. I don’t think it contains the word “mobile” though.


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  • That is the term for it. It’s a mobile. You could call it a musical mobile, but it’s still a mobile.

  • Synonyms For Mobile

  • Sometimes they are called crib-soothers, but that term generally refers to toys that are attached to the SIDE of the crib… not overhead.

    Now Im stumped cuz I think I know what youre talking about, or maybe I dont LOL!

  • Hanging mobile toys.

  • Danglythingyoverbabycrib. That’s the technical term for it.

    Just kidding … honestly, ‘mobile’ works. I don’t think there’s another word for it.

  • they call it a “kinetic structure” for the simple fact that objects (structures) are hung on a mechanism that rotates, thus providing movement (kinetic)… try asking a saleslady from a toy store about “kinetic structures for babies” and perhaps they ll point you to the engineering section…

  • rotating musical toy

  • Maybe a carousel?


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