What is the oxidation number of C in COCl2?

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  • let the oxidation number of carbon X.

    the sum of the oxidation number of a neutral molecule is zero.by using this assumption



  • Oxidation number of oxygen is -2.

    O.N of Cl2 is 2*-1 = -2

    let the O.N of C be x, then,

    x + (-2) + (-2)=0

    (since the net O.N is 0)

    or, x -4=0

    Therefore x=4.

  • The total charge of the molecule must be 0, so the sum of the charges of each of the atoms should be 0.

    The charge of oxygen is -2 and the charge of each Chlorine is -1

    The charge of the carbon must be 4 so that the negative charges of the other atoms are canceled out.

  • let ON of c be x.



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