What is the oxidation number of Sn in SnCl3^(-)?

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  • Well, there are three Cl-, and the rule says that the oxidation number on an ion is equal to its charge. So 3 x -1 = -3. However, there is a net negative charge of -1 on the compound. For this to be so, Sn must be 2+ in charge, giving a net -1 charge. (2+) + (3-) = -1 for the compound.

  • Sn Oxidation Number

  • Cl has oxidation number -1 let x = oxidation number Sn x + 3 (-1) = 0 x =+3 note Sn does not have oxidation number = +3

  • SnCl3-

    Let oxidation number of Sn be x

    Chlorine -1

    x+3*(-1)= -1



  • I assume the negative sign you are showing is for the whole thing. If so the Sn must be +2.

    Chloride ions are -1 when combined with metals, so since there are three of them, the Sn must be +2 to have a minus 1 leftover.

    But if you are asking just about neutral SnCl3 then the Sn has to be +3.

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    What is the oxidation number of Sn in SnCl3^(-)?

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    Hi t j: It should be [SnCl3]- with tin in its common oxidation state of Sn(II). It is an AX3E system, trigonal pyramidal. dr p

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