What is the pH of a 2.3 M solution of HClO4 ?

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I’m taking -log(2.3) and getting negative number. =( -0.36) Can pH be a negative number?


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  • No problem – you are doing the problem exactly as it should be done. There is no problem in having a negative pH. HClO4 is a strong acid that dissociates completely. With such an acid , a 1.00M solution will have pH = 0.00. Work this out using pH = -log 1.00 = 0.00.

    If the acid has a concentration greater than 1.00 – as in your case 2.3M , then the pH has to be negative.

    Because HClO4 is strong , [H+] = 2.3M

    pH = -log [H+]

    pH = -log 2.3

    pH = -0.36

    Your answer is totally correct.

    Remember that strong acids with conc > 1.00M will have negative pH . Because solutions with concentration greater than 1.0M are common , then solutions with negative pH are also common.

  • I’m getting the same thing. You are using the correct formula. -log(H+) the only thing I could think would be the instructor put the wrong Molarity. (ie he forgot x10^-2 or something). I would put your work down and talk to your teacher in the morning. It’s possible to have a negative Ph but not likely. (Also hard to test in a lab)

    Source(s): Chem tutor.

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