What is the ph of an aqueous solution with [h3o+] = 2×10−14 m ?

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Part A

What is the pH of an aqueous solution with [H3O+]=2×10−14

Express the pH numerically using one decimal place.

Part B

Carbonated cola is more acidic than coffee or even orange juice
because cola contains phosphoric acid.

What is the molar concentration of H3O+ in a cola that has a pH
of 3.120?

Express the molar concentration numerically using three
significant figures.


Part A :

[H3O+]=2×10^−14 M

pH = – log [H3O+] = -log (2×10^−14 )

      = 13.7

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pH = 13.7

Part B)

pH = 3.120

[H3O+] = 10^-pH = 10^-3.120

= 7.59 x 10^-4 M

[H3O+] = 7.59 x 10^-4 M

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