what is the purpose of the constitution?

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  • The constitution replaced the articles of confederation and was wrote in 1787. It basically creates a central government, gives the government powers (like to collect taxes), provides procedures for scenarios such as elections and supreme court nominations, and protects the rights of the people from the government.

    It creates a government structure, but also has provisions to keep the government in check and keep the people protected from the government.

  • Purpose Of The Constitution

  • To create a Republic of soverign states and give rights to both its citizens and each state—the constitution is supposed to be administered by the three branches of government that it laid out to govern the states—-as of now this republic has been forgotten and the constitution is not followed to any great extent—with the states being used as provinces of the federal govenment in D.C.—-there is only one man in congress that stands up for the constitution and his name is Ron Paul

  • the purpose of the constitution is to limit the federal government, not the american people

  • the articles of confederation were ratified in 1781. creating the frame work for the independent states.but fell short of creating a Central government to collect taxes and a common currency.this is why the Constitution as we know it was formed

  • 1) To authorize the federal government to exist.

    2) To dictate its structure.

    3) To delegate to it its powers.

    4) To tell both the federal government and the state governments certain things that they may not do.

  • -Limiting the power of government by granting to it only those specific powers that are listed in consititution, –Enumerating certain, specific rights which you retain

  • They are guidelines we should follow to have freedom and justice for all.The Bush administration has trampled allover our rights and we need a President who will restore our rights.

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