What is the range of the function f(x) = –2(6x) + 3?

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AT&T LTE 9:57 AM 12) [20 pts] Given the function, f(x) x 6r 3, do the following. a) Does the graph of the parabola open up or down? b) Find the vertex. Write as an ordered pair. c) Find the y-intercept. Write as an ordered pair. d) Find the x-intercepts (if any). Write as (an) ondered pair(s) e) Identify the axis of symmetry. Write as an equation. state the domain and range of the function.

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12) 120 ing x=-3 in f(x)=x2+gx +3 6t厨 2.0 Since f (x) = χ +5Xt3 a polynomial, MON

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