What is the ratio of mass A to mass B?

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A constant force applied to object A causes it to accelerate at 6 {rm m/s^2}.The same force applied to object B causes an acceleration of 3 {rm m/s^2}. Applied to object C, it causes an acceleration of 9 {rm m/s^2}.

3 Answers

  • The 2nd law of Newton :

    F = m * a

    –> F = mA * 6

    —> F = mB * 3

    mA * 6 = mB * 3

    —> mA/mB = 3/6 = 1/2

  • Ratio of mass of object A to that of B = acceleration of B /acceleration of A = 3/6 = 1/2

  • If acceleration of B compared to A is halved, it has twice the mass of A.

    If C is accelerated at 3 x the rate of B, it has 1/3rd. the mass of B. It has also therefore, 2/3rds. the mass of A.

    Source(s): Just logic.

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