what is the role of sodium carbonate in the extraction of caffeine in tea leaves?

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and also what is the principle involved in extraction?

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  • The sodium carbonate acts as a base – you could use sodium hydroxide instead. When you boil tea leaves tannins dissolve in the water as well as the caffeine. If you do not use a base the tannins will also be extracted into the solvent (i.e. methylene chloride) used in the subsequent extraction . The base converts the tannins into their sodium salts – being ionic these salts are not soluble in solvents like methylene chloride so remain in the aqueous layer during extraction. This allows purer caffeine to be extracted.

  • Extraction Of Caffeine From Tea

  • Isolation Of Caffeine From Tea

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  • what will happen if we don t put sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide

  • It’s a water extraction.

    The carbonate acts as a buffer to ensure the solubility of the alkaloid.

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