What is the Sims serial number please?!?

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10 Answers

  • these are for the sims 1:





    these are for the sims 2:

    THA2-Z3FK-OR1A-3HZ4-2WUS (this one works, i guarantee it)


    D2J2 Q92Z R1R1 5F6R 077P


  • Sim Serial Number

  • have the game , lost the case with the serial number n it…how do I recover it?

  • Don’t be so rude to him ғᴀԍs.

  • every sims game has its own. it would be on the back of the manual thingy, there numbers and letter so it would look somthing like this : its an EXAMPLE: H4JD-AHDG-7742-DHEB. yeah thats pretty much it, hope i helped =D

  • It should be on the back of your CD Jewel Case or on the inside leaflet (the instruction book). I can’t give you mine nor can others because it registers the game to your computer!

  • 555ssfFINGLOSERdfjjlcklxkld54511

    there you go and have a nice day

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