What is the strongest, legal alcohol you can buy in California?

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I know everclear is illegal here, but not sure what is legal. I want to get the strongest possible without breaking the law. Thanks!

Thank you guys. What would be the cheapest then? By the way that’s not everclear used as a reagent it’s denatured ethanol, so you can’t drink it, sadly.

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  • Everclear IS legal here, its just not full strength. “Real” everclear is 190proof. CA and some other states limit alcohol to no stronger then 151proof. This means CA everclear and Bacardi 151 would be equally the strongest alcohol you can buy. The rum is easiest to get ahold of as even super markets sell it, you have to get everclear at an actual liquor store.

    Edit: Where I live the everclear is cheaper. You can pick up a fifth of that for ~$15. Rum is normally around $20-25, so its more expensive. I tend to spike summer drinks with everclear, and drink rum in the winter.

  • Alcohol Limit California

  • 153 proof 76.5% alcohol the stuff is called diesel it’s grain neutral spirits, I get it all the time and it’s cheep like 18.99 for a liter.

  • in Indiana you can buy Everclear. it is grain alcohol at the concentration of 196 proof or 98% alcohol.

    Maybe RonRico 151 would be available. at 151 proof it is 75.5% alcohol by volume.

    I use everclear as a reagent in my chemistry lab.

  • According to the site in my source, it says hand sanitizers are 93% alcohol, and are only what $5 in super markets?

    I am NOT saying to drink it, but it would be cheaper than any shots of hard liquor.

    Oh and hand sanitizers are not illegal in any country for any age so this should answer your question.

  • Bacardi 151 rum. Period.

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