What is the value of ΔE for this process? Help :(?

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A gas is confined to a cylinder under constant atmospheric pressure, as illustrated in the following figure. When 0.490kJ kJ of heat is added to the gas, it expands and does 213J J of work on the surroundings.

a) What is the value of ΔH for this process?

ANSWER: 0.49 kJ

B) What is the value of ΔE for this process? (Express your answer using two decimal places)

ANSWER: I subtract 0.49 – 213 = 212.51 kJ but It’s says that is wrong!! Can someone help me please??

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Thank you

2 Answers

  • B) It is because of the difference in units; one is kJ, the other in J. Noting that kJ=1000J

    ΔE = 0.49kJ – 213J

      = 0.49*1000 - 213
      = 490 - 213
      = 277

    Answer: 277 Joule

  • How did you find the ΔH?

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