What is the worst brand of soap to get your mouth washed out with?

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I don’t know if very many parents today do this, but washing a kid’s mouth out with soap used to be a fairly common punishment (I think) for offenses such as swearing, lying, and other verbal no-nos.

I’m just wondering what everyone opinions are regarding what type of soap would be the absolute worst one to get your mouth washed out with. Personally, I’m thinking that the original Dial soap (the gold bar) would really ꜱᴜcκ.

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  • When I was younger I got my mouth washed out with soap on many occasions. I can’t tell if you mean worst tasting or just the worst overall so I’ll give you the top three.

    Ivory Soap. doesn’t taste horrible, but tastes very soapy, this is a very soft soap, that sticks to your teeth like glue, and Mom wouldn’t let me brush it off. She used to lather it up and stick the bar in my mouth and sc ɾąքҽ it on my teeth as she scrubbed. Made for a lasting impression.

    Dawn Dish liquid. YUCK!!! one time I was sassy in the kitchen so instead of hauling me to the bathroom to do the deed, she simply squirted the soap in my mouth and told me to swish it around for a few minutes. I was allowed to spit it out but it bubbled in my mouth forever.

    Palmolive Bar Soap. similar method as the Ivory soap but was done at my grandma’s house. I had to ride all the way home bubbling all the way. This soap tastes really bad too.

    Source(s): Personal experience
  • As somebody who repeated countless what my mom stated around my grandparents, I continued many distinctive soaps, the worst became unique Blue break of day, 2d could have been Crystal White dishsoap for its aftertaste, and LAVA is obtainable in third simply by sand you won’t be able to get out of your mouth, yet style sensible, its not that undesirable in comparison to different soaps i’ve got experienced. Oh wait, forgot approximately “time-out” punishment. It became continuously a sort of blue cleansing soap brillo pads caught in my mouth for ten minutes, you should you will opt to not swallow or you will puke for 18 hours.

  • Ivory

  • I think it’s an abusive practice, but I would think that Lava soap could be the worst–it is quite abrasive.

  • Irish Spring cause it has so much fragrance.

  • DETOL lol.

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