what is this drug called “Bliss”?

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I live in Missouri,

and it’s getting really popular around here lately.

Is it really ecstacy and coke? if not,what is it and what does it look like?

do you snort it? or how do you do it?

what does it make you feel like?

I don’t even smoke weed but i’ve been hearing about this drug a lot lately.

5 Answers

  • On urbandictionary it said that it is a mixture of LSD and Morphine. I have heard of no such drug

  • Bliss Drug

  • it is a all natural form of extacy pretty much they only use chemicals ta abstract it from this plant in africa. And also you snort it shortly after your nose will burn pretty bad then youll start sweat tht means ya geekin pretty hard. Ive done it several times its very cool! i just havent found a hook up on it.

  • Any man made substance is so not good for you. If you ever use any kind of man made chemicals, then do so under a doctors prescription. Illegal street drugs are very dangerous.

  • pill. kinda like lsd acid or oxicodne.

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