what is TxRate , TxPkts , RxRate and RxPkts??

3 Answers

  • typically TxRate is expressed as the current BPS (Bits Per Second) being transmitted. TxPkts is typically expressed as the total number of packets transmitted through an interface since the counter was last reset.

    Obviously the Rx counters are calculated in the same fashion, but for inbound data.

  • TxRate is the rate at which packets are sent from your computer (ie, how many per second)

    TxPkts is how many packets have been sent in total

    RxRate is the rate at which packets are received by your computer

    RxPkts is how many packets your computer has received.

    Packets can vary in size depending on the network technology being used.

  • rate-limit (text; default: “”) – Rate limitation in form of rx-rate[/tx-rate]

    [rx-burst-rate[/tx-burst-rate] [rx-burst-threshold[/tx-burst-threshold] [rx-burst-time[/tx-burst-time]

    [priority] [rx-rate-min[/tx-rate-min]]]] from the point of view of the router (so “rx” is client upload,

    and “tx” is client download). All rates should be numbers with optional ‘k’ (1,000s) or ‘M’

    (1,000,000s). If tx-rate is not specified, rx-rate is as tx-rate too. Same goes for tx-burst-rate and

    tx-burst-threshold and tx-burst-time. If both rx-burst-threshold and tx-burst-threshold are not

    specified (but burst-rate is specified), rx-rate and tx-rate is used as burst thresholds. If both

    rx-burst-time and tx-burst-time are not specified, 1s is used as default. Priority takes values 1..8,

    where 1 implies the highest priority, but 8 – the lowest. If rx-rate-min and tx-rate-min are not

    specified rx-rate and tx-rate values are used. The rx-rate-min and tx-rate-min values can not exceed

    rx-rate and tx-rate values.


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