What is up with Jake Ayres attraction formula?

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Lot’s of comments on youtube similar like “Good video clip. I’m here as my mate out of the blue turned extraordinary with girls. He began getting girls instantly. He pretended he failed to notice. He ultimately admitted it on Friday. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will find it… He’s on a date today with a stunning girl…”

Is it a “trap”?

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  • If by “trap” you mean spam; most certainly!

    Source(s): www.google.ca
  • Yes because I’m watching a video on a car tour of a corvette and a comment similar to that was in there.

    I guess it’s a new way of spam on YouTube, instead of having the link, they give you the search words and tell you to google it.

    Now wether it’s fake or not, I don’t know. You probably sign up and get those manhood enhancement emails so I wouldn’t do it.

    It’s just trying to promote this guys “service”. It probably doesn’t work cause it’s free, if it did he could charge $100 per email lol

  • He looks like a computer nerd, and he has promo pretending to be his Sista, claiming her that her brother is getting laid. So bottom line- Call his sister, if he reallly has one- and ask her if he’s the studly he proclaims.

  • No

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