What is x times y?

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  • x times y equals xy, of course!!!!!!!

  • Y Times X

  • I think you need to know that x and y are variables and thus could have any value. So x times y could be anything.

    So if you want to know what x times y is in a specific situation in which x and y are known, then you should state the situation.

    Without the situation x times y is just writable as xy. nothing more.

  • a math problem x times y = xy

  • The answer is simple: x times y. The answer to that question is the question itself. You cannot multiply x and y without knowing their values. So, to represent the multiplication without knowing the values, the result is simply written as xy.

    (When values for these variables are found, they can be substituted and multiplied.)

  • since they are not like terms u cant put them together to make one thing. so x times y is just xy.

  • xy its algebra as in Maths! Choose me as best answer I’m Asian too! lol

  • xy

  • xy

  • xy

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