What kind of discounts do disney cast members get??

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I was just wondering at walt disney world if the cast members get good deals.

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  • We do. We get lots of discounts. Hourly cast members get 12 entries for their families in their main entrance passes. We also get complimentary tickets twice a year and a special Christmas pass. Our cast member ID cards get us into the park for free whenever we want to go by ourselves. Salaried cast members get silver main entrance passes that give their families an unlimited amount of entries into the parks.

    Our merchandise discount starts at 20% and goes up to 35% after working at WDW for 3 years.

    At Christmas time we have the cast holiday celebration. We get a 40% merchandise discount, plus 50% off dining coupons. We also get coupons for free popcorn and sodas to use in the parks. We also get a coupon for a free icon photo. The hotel discount is 60% for the celebration. Our regular hotel and dining discounts vary with the season.

    Besides all the discounts we get on property, we get discounts in shops outside of Disney property, too. We get discounts on merchandise from select merchants. We get discounts on GM vehicles. We get discounts at certain housing complexes in the area. We get deals from certain mortgage companies.

    All in all, it’s well worth it.

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  • cast member get up to 20% off merchandise when they first start the percentage goes up during Christmas and after you’ve accumulated years as a cast member. They get i wanna say 50% off food i think it might be less but they do get a cast member discount at certain restaurants. They get 12 main gate passes. 1 main gate pass entitles you to get three people in one day with park hopping privileges. They also get bonus passes to give to Friends and family during the holidays! They also get discounts at the hotels. There is only a certain amount of rooms they discount a season so they fill up fast and its like a 40% discount, which I’m sure that percent changes with position, seniority and so on!

    Those are the main ones I’m aware of right now! I have a bunch of friends and family that work at WDW and I’m a seasonal pass holder, I have been going for the past 16 yrs so!

  • Well different Cast Members receive different perks. For example, I was a Cast Member under the WDW College Program Internship. We received 20% off on all merchandise. Around Christmas time, that percentage rose to 40% off! I got a lot of deals that way! But our restaurant discounts were limited. They only worked for certain locations and typically, only for lunch. And trying to use my WDW ID card at Disneyland was a nightmare. Because I was a CP intern, my ID card looked so different from anything a Disneyland Cast Member had ever seen. So a manager was always involved to verify my ID. We did receive about 50% off on Disney Resort stays though!

    Hope this helps.

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    What kind of discounts do disney cast members get??

    I was just wondering at walt disney world if the cast members get good deals.

  • I have 2 friends i grew up with in HAWAII that has been working WDW almost 10 yrs and when i visit 1 or the other we get a bunch of ticket to difft. parks and it’s all free. So yes it depends how long and what ur title! OH YEAH Walt Disney takes care of their own. 1 friend is living the good life in a house of their own and the other friend is sitting pretty in a condo.


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    Why would landlords offer discounts to the employees of the largest employer in the state? Who would pay full price?

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