What language is Numa Numa originally sung in?

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What language is Numa Numa originally sung in? I think it’s either Russian, French, Or German.If you’ve never herd the song before, you can find it at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ7JhSYn3X8

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  • The Moldavian dialect of Romanian. It’s a cool song.

  • As said before it is Romanian and is actually called Dragostea Din Tei, but English people just call it Numa Numa since it’s a hell of a lot easier to pronounce.

  • have not heard numa numa yet have dragostea din tei that’s in Greek so the different music in all possibility is two. Sorry, don’t have lyrics to dragostea din tei yet understand this is a few thing approximately eating by a g ɾąքҽ tree.

  • It’s called Dragostea Din Tei. It’s Romanian. It was originally sung by O-zone.

  • The first person is right, it’s romanian. And the song is actually called Dragostea Din Tei, by O-Zone 🙂

  • it is romanian actually

    the band is Ozone, look them up

    and i know its not any of the languages you just said or swedish cause i have been to those countries.

  • romanian

  • sweden

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