what letter grade is a 15/20 score?

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8 Answers

  • 75

  • The score comes out to be 75% or a C grade unless the teacher is grading on a curve. If grading on a curve, the grade will depend on how the scores from the entire class.

  • Probably a C because an A is 19 or 20/20, a b is usually 17and 18.

  • a 75% so that is a B

    nvm i guess it’s a c

    i’m canadian and in canada a 75 is a B and a 65 is a C

  • It’s a 75%, as many people have already stated. In most schools that’s a C, but in my school it’s a D… so it really depends on your school system.

  • it depends but its a 75, so probably a C or C+

  • How you get a B? Its a C

  • c??

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