What mass of zinc hydroxide was added to the hydrobromic acid solution?

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A solid sample of zinc hydroxide is added to 0.290 L of 0.420 M hydrobromic acid. The solution that remains is still acidic. It is then titrated with 0.420 M sodium hydroxide solution, and it takes 92.5 mL of the sodium hydroxide solution to reach the equivalence point.

What mass (in g) of zinc hydroxide was added to the hydrobromic acid solution?


2 Answers

  • moles HBr: 0.290 L x 0.420 M= 0.1218

    moles NaOH added: 0.0925 L x 0.420 M= 0.03885

    excess HBr: 0.1218 moles – 0.03885 moles reacted with NaOH= 0.08295

    2 HBr + Zn(OH)2 —-> ZnBr2 + 2 H2O

    from bal rxn., 1 mole of Zn(OH)2 react with 2 moles HBr, 1:2

    0.08295 moles HBr x 1/2 x molar mass Zn(OH)2= ans.

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