What religion am I based on my beliefs I listed?

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I believe in 1 god

I believe in The father the Son and the holy Spirit

I accept that Jesus has died for our sins.

I believe that God is the only one who has the say who can go to heaven or hell

I believe that being gay should not be a choice of going to heaven or hell.

I believe that its 100% ok to be any religion any person wants to be.

That is some of the stuff I believe in.

I never really looked at any religions before and their believes. But that stuff is what I believe in.

What am I?

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  • I have very similar beliefs. I consider myself more spirtual than anything but I guess people would classify me as Christian since I believe Jesus died for our sins. I don’t think you should have to label yourself. Your relationship with God is between you and He. Religions have similar things about them and very different things. I would suggest doing some research for yourself to find which one fits best with your personal beliefs.

  • That is your believes,

    but for me, a religion isn’t complete without “what you do daily”

    for example, i read what you believe, but if you kill someone in the name of God, well i don’t know what religion that is.

    i think this is an odd question, like a question with hidden meaning. you never look at ANY religions and their believes, but you believe Jesus and the Trinity (Father Son Holy Spirit) how come?

    I think you can answer your question yourself.


  • Don’t Worry about fitting into a certain religion or doctrine of set beliefs.

    Figure out what you want to believe and stick with it. As long as it is what you truly feel, nothing else should matter.

  • You are a person that believes in Christ (Christian)

    But until you take the time to learn what Christ taught you are a little lost on the way he felt about certain matters.

  • The trinity would lead me to believe you were roman catholic. however, even though tolerance of other religions is encouraged, bahai is probably one of the more tolerant religions. another one that could match your christian elements but is also incredibly tolerant are universalists.

  • Sounds Methodist to me.

  • You’re a guy who believes that stuff

  • You are vaguely a Christian who is in rebellion with the Bible.

  • You are a liberal Christian. Congratulations on not being a fundamentalist nutcase 🙂

  • A Christian who hasn’t read the Bible and doesn’t regularly attend church.

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