What should I put for “You enjoy beating the system” on a job application?

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I don’t know if companies like that.

2 Answers

  • You should put NO beating the system is like “scamming” the system

  • Whilst I take the point that others say “negotiable”, You have to have a point of negotiation when you are at the interview. Otherwise its just going to be a marketplace, between your boss and yourself. (or so I would have thought) If I were you Id do a bit of investigation. Assuming that the job is one that has a personnel branch I’d make direct enquiries with them as to what is the starting salary. Or ….. look through similar jobs in your area, and enquire with them. From that point….. like my fellow responders I would also put down “negotiable”. Then before the interview, work out what you have in experience and qualifications that would warrant you having a greater salary than the starting salary. Tell them why, explaining you have made enquiries. As a manager, I would believe that you are an intelligent person , who is clearly focused. Id give you the increase in normal wage, for that reason.

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