what size boot did john wayne wear?

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13 Answers

  • 11…its a pretty much unanimous answer ive gotten from different websites.

    Source(s): http://www.jwplace.com/facts.html
  • Size 11

  • Size 11

  • It was reported the John Wayne had very small feet for a man 6 feet 4 and one half inches tall. As to the size I don’t know.

  • 14

  • John Wayne’s teeth hey-yah! John Wayne’s teeth!

  • He had little boots he was a size 81/2

  • John Wayne the cowboy, or John Wayne the srial killer???

    hmmm, good question though! I’m gonna say…..13, for both!

  • Size 14 according to the I love Lucy Show, He appeared in an episode were he was to place his feet in wet cement for the Grohmans Chinese restaurant and Lucy kept messing it up.

    Source(s): Tv show called I love Lucy 1950″s
  • Size 7 – He had tiny feet for a tall man.

  • He actually wore two sizes as one foot was bigger than the other. This caused him to walk in a lop-sided fashion and was the principle reason for his fame. Otherwise we would have been nuts about Randolph Scott.

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