What the hell is ‘poeing’?

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Is that a reference to Poe’s Law? I’ve been accused of ‘trolling’ many a time (actually, every time I profess my intense love for my Lord & Savior JESUS CHRIST who art in heaven), but this word, ‘poeing’, is new to me.

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  • I copy this answer to a question about whether some answerers were poes or trolls:

    [quote] It can be difficult to determine who’s a Poe and who’s serious. Some are more obvious than others.[unquote]

    A troll is deemed to be like the fictitious character hiding under the bridge in Norwegian legends. On here a troll will hide and lurk, waiting to pounce with nasty intent to throw sincere people. They are often identified with awful spelling and grammar and the most stupid statements that nobody could take seriously. But some are cunning enough to hide by pretending to be what they are actually out to attack – e.g. an atheist pretending to be a Christian, then saying ignorant things, designed to make everybody think Christians say ignorant things.

    A poe is what I take to come from the expression, to be poe-faced. In other words, not giving a hint of being anything other than serious. So a poe would make serious comments on here, in the hope that they will be taken seriously and thus give the reader totally wrong information or the wrong impression. A poe will be careful to spell correctly and have good grammar and appear to cite credible sources. Yet their entire answer is meant to mislead and falsely represent that which they are attacking.

    Take the accusation of being a troll as a badge of honour, because enemies of Christianity are prone to insult and jeer those who say things they cannot refute. AiH

  • Most likely, if it’s in relation to this section.

    When used to call someone out, though, it’s usually said as “Poe.”

    The best way is just to say Poe with nothing supporting it.

  • I haven’t heard of that specific word either, but it doesn’t take a genius to know it means the act of being a Poe.

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