What things can you talk about while slow dancing?

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Hi 🙂 Junior prom is next week and I’m like uber scared … D: I have a date with someone I liked last year and now he likes me back, hehe. 🙂 So…obviously, we are going to slow dance at the dance… so what things can I say to him so it won’t be awkward!!! I am so scared … him and I arent really talkative, only online … but I’m working on it! Like in school we say a few words and stuff but online he’s like talky. What things should we talk about during slow dancing that could really help make it exciting or fun? 🙂 Thanks 😛

Btw…do you guys have any tips on how to slow dance ? Haha, I’m so clueless.

Nervous…ahh… haha x)

we are both shy people -_-

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  • Ask him how his night’s going, if he’s having fun and whatnot. This is also the perfect time to plan what you’re doing after prom! 🙂 Or if it’s already planned you can just talk about how you think it’ll be. I really recommend talking though. It’s so awkward in my opinion to see a couple just dancing and not saying a word to each other. It’s also annoying to see people having a нᴀʀᴅcoʀᴇ conversation, so try not to do that. Ask him little questions and answer as short as possible, you want to enjoy the dance too!

    I think it’d be cute if you complemented him! Say how nice he looks or whatever 🙂

    As for the dancing, put your arms around his neck and kind of sway in circles. It’s kind of hard to explain but I’ll do my best. He’ll have his hands on your hips, and you’ll both sway (slightly!) back and forth and at the same time you’ll be moving in a circle. It sounds complicated but it’s really not, just go with the music.

    *Be prepared for a kiss! Don’t expect one though, he might be too shy to.

  • To slow dance, just follow his lead. Usually, you just hold each other close and rock from one foot to the other. You should put your hands around his neck and he should have his hands in the small of your back.

    As for conversation, ask if he is having fun. Does he like the music, band or DJ. If you are having a good time, let him know. The secret to a good conversation is to ask questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no. That way the other person has to actually talk. Then you can ask him questions or add comments depending on his answers.

    Good luck with your date and have fun at prom!

  • Ahh, everyone thinks this is awkward. Many just dance and don’t talk (that’s more awkward in my opinion). I would just talk about how the night’s been going so far, bring back an old (related) joke, make each other feel comfortable 🙂 It shouldn’t be too hard as long as you get a good topic. good luck!

    FOR SLOW DANCING: you just put your arms around his neck and he will put his hands around your waist (maybe he’ll move in more depending on how close you are). and you just sway side to side. Don’t waste the night being nervous, have fun!

  • its really just wrapping your arms around eachother and swaying back and forth, even swaying back in forth turning in a circle. you dont have to talk. just rest your head on his shoulder or something.

  • Be random and talk about anything if u are made for each it will Evolve into something meaningful!

  • Try being the one to make the moves if he can’t. or just follow his lead. or check this site

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