What to wear to amusᴇмᴇɴt park when its cold?

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In the summer this question would be easy to answer but since its still fairly cold high ,only in the 50s or 60s, where im at im not sure about what to wear. Also we are going there early in the morning it will only be 32 but I don’t if i should wear a thick jacket because it will get annoying to carry around later but then again wearing a thin coat means I’ll be cold until hopefully it warms up. So what should you wear to an amusᴇмᴇɴt park in fall/winter weather?

Since its cold trust me I won’t be getting on any water rides and I don’t think the water rides open til the end of may anyway and yea I was thinking of wearing a hoodie

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  • The best thing to wear to an amusᴇмᴇɴt park in cold weather is layers. Wear a t-shirt and a comfortable pair of pants. Do not wear jeans. If any of the rides involve water, and the jeans get even the slightest bit wet, you will totally hate the fact that you are wearing jeans, and so will your body. Also avoid wearing a light yellow or white shirt if you are a girl as they become see thru on water rides. Wear socks and a comfortable pair of walking shoes like tennis shoes. Avoid sandals, flip flops, and slip on shoes, as some rides won’t let you wear them on the rides, and might not let you ride at all if you are wearing them. Even though it’s cold and you might be tempted to wear boots, don’t, your feet will hate you for it, and you’ll hate yourself for wearing them. Also avoid any shoes with heels. Take a comfortable light weight jacket that also shields out wind, underneath wear a hooded sweatshirt or hooded sweater. You can take the light weight jacket off if you get too hot and tie it around your waist, put it in a backpack, or stuff it in a locker.

    Source(s): Go to theme parks all the time in winter
  • Cold weather? I always wore a T-shirt under another T-shirt or longer sleeve shirt, plus jeans, plus socks and closed walking shoes. I also made sure I brought a sweatshirt or sweater depending on the forecast for even colder night lows. Umbrella if there is any forecast for rain. Do remember wind chill: 70 mph on a roller-coaster is the same as 70mph winds, except for the ride is shorter.

  • Bring a backpack and wear clothes that are light weight and warm like fleece, under-armor, and a few layers of sweatpants.

    Source(s): Typically these are the main things worn during cold weather hiking, they are very warm and very light weight.
  • A hoodie

  • when i go to amusᴇмᴇɴt parks when its chilly/cold i wear…






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