What type of coin is this?

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It has a golden eagle with an american flag and on the back it has a horse shoe and at the edges it says MAY GOOD LUCK ALWAYS ACCOMPANY THE BEARER I didn’t ask a coin collector but people in my school said its fake gold dunno luck token or worth 2.50 whatever

4 Answers

  • You indeed have a good luck token, it is not a coin. It is gold colored not gold. This type item has been around for a good many years and could have been made at anytime. You can get an idea of age by how well the coin is worn. Most sell in the .50 cents to $2 range depending on size and metal. Silver ones that are dollar size sell for around $20. You may never find out who did make it unless there is a company name on it, look around the edge. Where there is a legend on your token is actually called the rim, the edge is the 3rd side. Hope this helps some.

  • Just sold one for $100.00 in a casino parking lot to a patron on his way into the casino lol I hope it worked

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