What would be the male version of Ella?

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For example, my name is Christiana so my male name would be Christopher or Christian.

What would be the male version of Ella? 🙂


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  • Perhaps Elliot.

  • Elle, Elliot, Ezra, Elijah, Ellis

  • There is no such thing as a male version of Ella or Elle.

    However, if you like the sound of El at the beginning of a name, there are plenty of boys names:

    Elio, Ellis, Elliott, Eli, Elijah, Elwood, Elias, Ellery, Elian, Elton, Elwin, Ellison, Elson, Elam, Ellar, Ellington, Elwyn, Elric, Elroy, Elysian, Elan, Elsmore, Elsworth, Elder, Elgin, Elmer, Elia, Eloi, Elbert, Eldan, Eleazar, Eliezer, Elmer, Elvin, Elvis, Elmo, Elon, Elan, Elazar, Eldad, Eldred, Elek, Eliud, Eliyahu, Elair, Eljas, Eliud, Ellar, Ellil, Elof, Elrond, Elvin…

  • Anything similar:






  • Elliot




  • ella, then your child would have to say ‘i am a man but my name is ella’

  • Maybe Eli?

  • Elijah

  • Some female names, such as Anna, Katherine, Elizabeth and Ella don’t have male equivalent names.

  • There’s Elie – as in Elie Wiesel who wrote “Night”. It’s a male name you don’t hear much in the US.

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