whats a baylor position in nursing?

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  • For most hospitals, a Baylor program means you work either three 8 hour shifts or two 12 hour shifts over the period of Friday through Sunday. You work 24 hours but are often compensated for more hours, usually 32-36 hours, or are paid at a higher hourly wage, sometimes $10-$15 per hour higher. It’s basically an incentive to get people to work weekends. On this program you ONLY work weekends, and you work EVERY weekend, and are eligible for only a couple of weekends off per year.

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    Baylor usually refers to a program where you only work weekend shifts, typically either 2 twelve hour shifts or 3 eight hour shifts. You are compensated at a significantly higher rate than other positions because of the every weekend status. Some places compensate you by paying you 36 hours worth of pay and benefit accrual even though you only worked 24. Others will just pay you a flat hourly rate of maybe $15 per hour greater than the base pay.

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    whats a baylor position in nursing?

  • I am a “Baylor” nurse. In my situation, I work 24 hours and get paid for 36 hours. I work every Saturday night from 8pm to 8am on Sunday. I go back to work at 8pm on Sunday evening and work until 8am on Monday. My company considers me full-time which is unusual, but I am eligible for medical, dental, vacation, etc.

  • It has to do with the shift you work. Something about working long hours on weekends but you get paid extra for doing so. A quick google search of the term was kind of confusing — I think different hospitals mean different things by that phrase. You’d better check with the hospital you’re interested in to find out exactly what they mean by it.

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