What’s a greenhouse gas?

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i went on wikipedia and google i dont understand that s*** someone needs to explan in REAL english so i can understand!! just give me a simple answer.

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  • Greenhouse gases are the gases in the atmosphere that help trap heat in the earth.

    Some of those gases are: water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and CFCs.

    It becomes a problem when there’s too much of those gases in the atmosphere and the heat that comes from the sun that goes in the Earth, aren’t able to get back out. It ends up increasing the temperature of the Earth.

    Hope I kind of helped.

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  • Greenhouse gases:-These are , in order of effectiveness of preventing escape of heat from the Earth into space that therefore increase Earth’s tropospheric temperature :- water vapour, esp. clouds, over which we have little or no control, Methane (10x the effect of CO2 but shorter lived), where we can act, (stop breathing) – and CO2, (not CO, as some twit wrote) , where learned politicians have international conferences, at taxpayers’ expense, to do nothing but arrange the next unproductive freebie session involving air travel and breathing. Wouldn’t it be better to limit both of the latter 2.

    Some hope, short-sighted politicians only want to retain power – don’t care about their grand/great grand —— children.

    WAKE UP.

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