What’s a scallywag on the app bag it?

NetherCraft 0

I can’t figure this combo out on the app on my kindle fire. Any help would be appreciated.

3 Answers

  • Get help here.

    1.Amazon.com Help: Kindle Fire

    You can learn how to check what software version is on your Kindle Fire and how to update to the latest software version available by visiting our help pages get help with your Kindle Fire question.

  • Hi there! Amos here from Hidden Variable Studios. =)

    A scallywag is 4 watermelons next to each other. Hope that helps!

    You can also share with other Bag It! players and learn more hints and tips by joining the Hidden Variable Studios forums here: http://www.hiddenvariable.com/forums/viewforum.php

    Happy Bagging!

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