What’s Dr. Gene Scott and Pastor Melissa Scott’s net worth? Ballpark?

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Their shows flaunt fancy cathedrals, studios, broadcast networks, mansions, other churches all over California, fine wines, prize collections of bibles, papers, stamps, wine and horses. They speak of owning stations in other countries and flying to off shore bank accounts. What are they worth? Over 100 million?

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  • DON‘T WASTE TIME TRYING TO GIVE THESE MELISSA SCOTT QUESTIONS A SERIOUS ANSWER! The person who asked this question is no more interested in posting an honest question than he is in anything you have to say. This person only wants one thing, that is to attack Melissa Scott. Want proof? Click on his name and go to his Yahoo Q&A page. Check his answers and questions. You’ll see he only answers questions that attack Melissa Scott with more attacks on Melissa Scott and only asks questions that attack Melissa Scott. You’ll also see that, if you click on any names in those Q&A’s they also only ask and answer Melissa Scott questions. If you type Melissa Scott in the search for questions box at the top of this page you’ll get over 75 questions all attacking Melissa Scott and all of them from the same people asking and answering each others questions in several different categories. Clearly there is an organized effort to attack this person using Yahoo Q&A by a small group of very vindictive people. Whoever Scott is, what these s.o.b.’s are doing is abuse that should be reported.

  • I know, why can’t they just give all that money to something worthwile, like gving it to me. I got my eye on a purple 1979 Pinto with orange interior. Surely the Lord would want me to have that. It ain’t fair!

  • Mate,

    you have a problem, what is wrong with her and he doing their work and getting paid for it.

    They would support other things also.

    What are you doing with your time, money and skills?????

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