What’s “Get my drink on” mean?

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  • it is “urban slang” (meaning that illiterate **** that kids these days say that they think makes them sound cooler, or more “gansta” even though it just makes them look like fools that should have paid more attention in school) for drinking.

    Don’t perpetuate this way of thinking. Do america a favor.

  • um well it seems to me that it would mean to drink either recreationally or to “drown your sorrows” but either way to “get your drink on” you would have to drink pretty heavily or with strong drinks, for instanse, a bottle of bud light won’t cut it but depending on the person a couple shots of vodka would.

  • usually drinking heavily until you are completely oblivious to the real world

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    Black slang for getting intoxicated.

    Weezy: Hey Laquifa, whazzup ?

    Laquifa: Ize justa waiting for Jamaal to step in. Soonze he get heah, Ize gonna fix him up a turkey pot pie !

    Weezy: Youze got plans afta dat ?

    Laquifa: Yeeah, Ize gonna head on up to Lamonts’ crib. You wonna come?

    Weezy: Whatyu gonna be doin’ at Lamont’s?

    Laquifa: Ize gonna get my drink on ! Innerested ?

    Weezy: I’ll chek wit Rolando..mabbe he wanna come !

    Laquifa: Vright !

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    What’s “Get my drink on” mean?

  • Drinking enough so that even the 300 pounders look hot than you got your drink on.

  • That you are going to drink a bit.

  • haha i’m assuming it means, drinking alcohol (:

  • It means that you are gonna start drinking until you are drunk

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