What’s more worth it for a trip: Chicago or NYC?

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You don’t have to read this part but it helps with my decision making: so I am graduating high school soon, and I don’t have a lot of family and friends for a graduation party. So my dad gave me the decision of picking mostly any place in the US to visit for celebration. I am torn between going to Chicago or New York City. If we go to Chicago, it is closer so we would train there or drive there which means less cost and more exploration and buying things. If we go to New York there are more options there but we would not be able to do quite as much, as we would be flying there and more cost. Or if you have any other ideas for other cities to visit, let me know!

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  • pizza.  don’t forget pizza.  chicago pizza is the best!  

  • Either is fine, but realize that a car is a big problem if you stay in the downtown area (the cost of parking and congestion will be murderous).  For instance, if you go to Chicago by car, stay in a suburban area near public transportation: this will allow you to get to some of the suburban (and local neighborhood) places of interest by car – and use the CTA “L” or a Metra commuter train to get into the center of the city.

    Also, it is true that some areas of the city are unsafe – especially at night.  Stay in the safer suburbs after sundown.

  • Chicago.  Chicago has multiple theaters for plays a d musicals.  Concerts, museums, aquarium, planetarium,  restaurants, festivals, parks, beach, major sport games.  

    What will be open this summer is a concern for any city you pick.

    I have been to NYC, I would take Chicago over NYC any day. 

    If you go to Chicago take the train. Hotels will charge you to park your car. An added expense you don’t need.  Staying at a downtown hotel there are plenty of place to walk to or you can take the bus.  

  • I would recommend Chicago, given what you’ve told us. It’s a fabulous city, with plenty of all kinds of things to do. It’s a little less expensive than New York, and very easy to get around. 

  • Those are both good choices, although nearly everything is still closed in both cities.  So I would wait until things have settled down and opened up.  

    Chicago is a great city.  I would suggest that since it is more convenient and closer for you.  There is a lot to see and do – Navy Pier, Shedd Aquarium, Art Institute, architecture boat tours, lake, zoo, observation towers, shopping, and even shows.  

    I do LOVE NYC though.  Definitely plenty to see and do there, but I would save that for when you think you would have the time and money to really make the most of a trip there.

  • I would pick  NYC.  But make sure things will be open when you go. 

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