whats that song that says “rah rah rah”? its a rap song?

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theres this song that my brother was playing on the radio on our way to school the other day and it was a rap song and they said “rah rah rah” like repeatedly but it was a good song and i want to know the name of it. its been bothering me all day lol.

i said itsa rap song. i am positive its not bad romance.

10 Answers

  • the only song that comes to mind is Children Sing by Pace Won & Mr. Green


  • Rah Rah Rah Song

  • Bad Romance by Lady Gɑɡa

    Source(s): I’ve heard the song
  • For feeling like a woman: Agalloch, Not unlike the waves For angry and bitter: Absurd: Die Galgenbrüder

  • big pimpin by jay z?

    that is if you’re talking about the part that goes like “hoe get your *** in here and let’s rah rah ah ah ah ah

  • If its bad romance it aint rap

  • M.A.A.D. City by Kendrick Lamar

  • Red cafe- I’m ill

  • bad romance.

    by lady ɡɑɡa.

  • wop j dash

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