whats that word that means its the same on both sides?

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like you know how if you fold something in half its gonna be the exact same..like a square or they use that butterfly example. like they’re identical on each side. i dont really know how to explain it. its on the top of my head but i cant really remember.

9 Answers

  • symmetrical

  • Same On Both Sides

  • Is the word symmetrical? The arrangement of petals, for example, would be symmetrical. The human body is, for the most part, bilaterally symmetrical. The star fish and certain other sea animals demonstrate radial symmetry.

  • The answer you are specifically looking for is ‘bisymmetry’ or ‘bilateral symmetry’.

  • I think the word is symmetry or symmetric.

  • an actual word which is symmetrical is the palindrome: noon.

  • Identical, equal

  • symmetrical and the opposite is asymmetrical

  • unilateral

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