What’s the difference between a group size 25 and a group size 35 car battery, if the dimensions are the same?

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Just by chance when looking at a chart, I noticed that group size 35 is the same in dimensions as the OEM size for my car, size 25. I was told that INTERSTATE doesn’t make size 25 anymore, but they do make 35. 35 doesn’t show up anywhere as being recommended for my car, so does anyone know what the difference is between the two group sizes? The measurement dimensions are exactly the same.


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  • They are fairly similar in appearance, but the 35 is more mature, more aware of what it wants, while the 25 is still restless, trying to find its way. If you want more spontaneity, go with the 25, but if you want dependable, settled down, looking to start a family, you can’t go wrong with the 35.

  • Car Battery Group Size

  • Group 35 Battery

  • Typically, Group 25 and 35 Car Batteries are the same size. The main difference is the positive and negative terminals are on opposite sides when compared to each other.

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  • Same dimensions, same amps, same CCA, but there is a $12 difference in price just for the reversal of the terminals. What gives?

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