Whats the difference between being Puerto Rican & Boriquan?

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  • Puerto Ricans, who also commonly identify themselves as Boricua, are largely the descendants of native Taíno Indians, Europeans, African slaves or a blend of these groups which has produced a very multi-cultural and diversified population. The population of Puerto Ricans is estimated to be over 8 million worldwide, with most living within the islands of Puerto Rico and in the United States.

  • Puerto Rican means people from Puerto Rica that do not necessarily descend from indigenous peoples. Boriquan implies descending from the native people, the ones who were there before Europeans came.

    And to the guy above who said “Boriquan is Puerto Rican in Spanish” Thats not true. Puerto Rican in spanish is “puertorriquena” at least in most spanish speaking countries.

  • Boriquan is Puerto Rican in Spanish.

    Puerto Rican is Boriquan in English

  • they’re the same thing.

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