What’s the difference’s between Martin Luther King jr an Malcolm X?

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Can someone explain in full detail the differences between the two are? thanks 🙂

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  • Martin Luther King’s general philosophy was to seek equality through nonviolence. He believed that hard work, strong leadership, and nonviolence would let blacks achieve full equality with

    whites. He believed in peaceful protesting and nonviolent protesting. King began to gain attention as a civil rights leader. As King emerged as a leader in civil rights movement, he put this belief into action and proved that this was an effective method to combat racial segregation. Martin Luther King had a greater philosophy in life because he promoted equality without the use of violence, Malcom X promoted violence. Malcom’s supporters thought that violence was okay. Malcom X wasn’t pushing towards the same ideas as Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King wanted to abolish segregation and make everyone equal, Malcom X wanted equality, but he still wanted different races to be segregated.

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