Whats the easiest way to give yourself a bruise?

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how do I give myself a bruise easily? Like is there sumthing I can do to bring the bruise out more? Or something less painful but really effective? Thanks x

For anyone who is wondering why im asking, I was just wondering out of interest. Im not gunna do it to get attention. Im not stupid. x

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  • I find getting drunk does the trick.

    I get drunk, have a great time, and the next morning wake up inexplicably covered in bruises. God knows what I get up to.

  • What do you want to know this for. I suppose the easiest way is to ꜱᴜcκ yourself really really hard.You damage blood vessels beneath the skin each time you bruise The only other way would be to bash yourself hard against a door or something. I bruise really easily and wish I didn’t get bruises.

  • You could pinch the area of skin where you want the bruise and then flick after 20 seconds to a minute. Or you could repeatedly hit yourself with something hard in that area. It hurts, but if you don’t like pain, I suggest makeup.

  • It happens more if YOU hit the object rather than grabbing an object and IT hitting YOU…. I bruise the most on my shins, and get them when i run into things or when someone kicks me…..i bruise SOOOO easily like right now i have a total of 9 bruises on both legs and both arms xD

  • Tripping and hitting your leg (or other body part) on the stairs is pretty effective. I get a bruise like 90% of the time.

    Or you could always question Chuck Norris. You’ll probably get at least a bruise by doing that… 🙂

  • Donate blood, then take aspirin. Good chance your whole arm will bruise a little.

    Other than beating the crap out of yourself you’re not going to bruise, and remember every time you cause minor injury, there’s a chance of causing major injury.

  • Oranges were the favourite way to give yourself bruises. Put four in a stocking and gently batter yourself. It`s a favoured method of faking evidence of a beating to frame someone.

  • I can think of a hundred ways of you getting a bruise in a variety of senarios, using insulting language to different people in different locations.

    I like the idea of of ꜱᴜcκing onself or having yourself ꜱᴜcκed by a good friend.

    All depending where you want your bruise to be seen

  • There is no easy way, it usually hurts when you get a bruise inflicted on you as they are the result of blunt trauma which ruptures surface blood vessels under your skin.

    I won’t even go into the reasons why you want a bruise as that is way out of my depth.

  • Well, this is a strange question – why do you want to give yourself a bruise?

    Anyway it depends on the area I think. If you bang your head it bruises like crazy, whereas fleshy areas don’t seem to. Blunt objects I guess. Drop a brick on your knee.

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