What’s the meaning of “keep me on my toes”?

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I’m learning English.

“It’ll help keep me on my toes. I tend to relax when I’m with you.”

What’s the meaning of “keep me on my toes”?

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  • In the English language, the phrase “keep me on my toes” is called a “clichè”. A clichè is any commonly used slang English phrase with an inferred or implied meaning. Sometimes they are traceable to some popular historical event or historical cultural era, and sometimes they’ve been around for so long that no one is sure where they come from.

    “Keep me on my toes” is a clichè that means “keep me alert, aware, and prepared” so you will not get caught off-guard (off-guard is yet another clichè.

    Although I could not find this particular clichè in my dictionary of clichès, I recommend that anyone who speaks English as a second language obtain this dictionary of clichès. I included a citation of the dictionary below, although I did not use it in this reply.

  • Keep Me On My Toes

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    Amen. These are such precious encouraging Words to us from our Lord Jesus, who loves us to the uttermost and enables us by His Abiding Spirit to keep and hold fast in this christian life. I was really impressed with the reference in Rev 3:8, where the Lord is speaking to the church in Philadelphia ( brotherly love). This church kept not only the Lord’s word but did not deny His name. The Word is the very expression of God. His Name is His Person. To keep the Lord’s Word is to stay true to what His Word says. There was the problem of the teachings of Balaam ( Rev 2:14) the teachings of the Nicolaitans ( Rev 2:15) the teachings of Jezebel ( Rev 2:20) the mysterious doctrines of satan ( Rev 2:24). All of these go against the PURE Word of God and came into the church to distract, confuse, and keep God’s people from the Truth. To keep the Word, I believe we need to store up and treasure up His Word in our hearts. Let His Word abide in us. You cannot keep what you do not have. These are the days to redeem the time, to memorize the Word. Hide it in our hearts where nothing can get at it. This abiding word guard our hearts and our thoughts in Christ Jesus. I love also that you touched on Holding Fast. What do we hold fast to? The Lord’s Name. As the Bride, espoused to the Lord Jesus, we should not hold to any other name than His name. His Name denotes His very Person. It is unseemly for someone who is to be married to one to take on the name of another. Today, many have moved away from the Lord’s Name and have taken on the names of others. We have become identified as to what KIND of believer we are based on the name we are under. We may be Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Non Denominational, Wesleyian, of this person’s ministry or that person’s ministry. We are either labelled according to a Man or based on a Doctrine or spiritual emphasis. To drop everything and just take the Lord’s Name as our Covering means that we recognize that He is not only our Head, but our coming Bridegroom. This to me is what it is to Hold Fast. Not denying His Name means we hold fast to Him no matter what everyone else is flavoured and labelled by. May we keep His Word and Hold Fast to His Name always. PS. ITS YOU. I was wondering who this new ID name was. Hey sissy. Love u!

  • When somebody wants to “keep you on your toes” they want you to always be aware they are close by, watching, keeping a close eye on the situation involved. You never know when you’ll “turn the corner” to find them right there.

  • Busy

  • It is to keep you alert. You wouldn’t be casual about what is going on.

  • Someone or something that keeps you on your toes forces you to continue directing all your attention and energy to what you are doing.

    Source(s): Cambridge dictionary
  • To be totally immersed into some happening or watching some movie etc. Whatever keeps your full interest and attention.

  • It means “keep you alert”.

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