what’s the meaning of you’re not bad yourself?

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  • Its a returned compliment that is given to sound casual, but is often (not always) meant in a flirty way.

    You’re not too bad either – your question will get me onto level 4! Thank you!

  • seems legit… they respond, is that not enough for you? Hmmm that’s in question now.

    They noticed you and gave a compliment back… that’s more than enough.

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    She’s flattered and probably thinks you’re good looking too. It’s hard to tell exactly how good looking she thinks you are, but in my opinion, if she didn’t like you at all, she would’ve just replied with “thanks” or “that’s sweet” or something similar. Remember that, unlike guys, most girls don’t come out and say “YOU’RE HOT!” right to your face. So even if she thinks you’re gorgeous, she might not necessarily admit it right away. 🙂

  • Too Bad Meaning

  • When someone says “Not bad” after some kind of performance or action a reply would be “You’re not bad yourself”. This would probably only be said after that person did a similar action.

  • Not Too Bad Yourself

  • It’s just a way of responding to a compliment without sounding like you’re gushing. It’s kind of an understatement.

  • your not so bad yourself, I think usually when a person is say you look pretty nice and then the respose is your not so bad yourself, in other words you look just as good if not better

  • well if someone compliments you and you want to give the a compliment back you say ‘your not too bad yourself’

    i’d say it was either a chat up line, or smugness.

  • Sounds like an attraction situation, maybe he want or she wants to get to know you better !! just a thought

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