Whats the nearest town in PA to New York city?

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I wanted to know whats the nearest to the brox New York driving. Which towns do you recommend to move with afordable housing? Whats your opinion about reading , PA?

Looking to move to PA this year.

Thank You

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  • Hi we live in Stroudsburg,Pa (poconos) which is actually the nearest town, 1st and 2nd exits in PA off of interstate 80. Which is what I-95 turns into after you cross the George Washington Bridge from bronx to NJ. It’s about a 72 miles from the GW bridge. It usually takes me about 1hr 45 mins to 2hrs. from Suffolk county long island. This is definitely the closest town. Scranton is 45 mins. PAST us up I-80 and Reading is all the way on the other side of PA about 4 1/2 hours from the Queens side.

    Housing here is definitely very reasonable. My husband still works in NY as do the majority of the town. I would say this is probably your best bet. Try anywhere in this area.

    Oh and there is mass transit very close, both bus (Martz to Port Authority) and NJ transit about 20 miles back into NJ.

  • The closest town in the state of PA to the Bronx is Delaware Water Gap which is just off I-80 about 75 miles of the Bronx.

    The closest town where you’ll find housing is East Stroudsburg which is a couple of miles further.

    Reading is further from New York, south of I-78. While they have nice outlets, it’s not a place that I’d pick.

  • Reading is a long way from NYC. It’s a pretty depressed town, but some of the towns near it, like Wyomissing, are okay. It’s too far to commute to NYC from Reading.

    A lot of people live in Bucks County and commute to NYC. Mostly it’s pretty expensive, but there are some parts that aren’t, like Reiglesville.

  • I don’t know what you are working with financially. I live in Philadelphia and like anywhere they do have some bad areas but they have very beautiful places as well. But if you are serious and want to start looking at places my boss and my sisters boss has tons of property in Philadelphia email me and i will give you the numbers I don’t want to give it out this way.

  • Reading is okay or perhaps how about Sranton?

  • best place to live in philidelphia

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